Click to enlargeDo-It-Yourself Car Alarm

The Omega Freedom 400 is a compact and self-contained alarm system that is simple to install, and reliable.

This alarm can be configured for a simple 2 wire installation or can be expanded to perform as a full featured security system. It includes 2(two) three button remotes and features Arm, Disarm, and 6 Programming features. It also features a water tight construction for years of reliable performance, flashing light output, and a built in dual zone (adjustable) shock sensor.

HOW TO: Mount this self-contained alarm under the hood of your car. Connect the black (ground) wire to metal frame, connect the red (positive) wire to constant power or even directly to the battery.

OTHER OPTIONS: There are 7 other wires that may be contected to expand this into a full feature professional alarm system but are not required.